Sunday, April 04, 2021

The 1820, 1822, 1824 and 1828 Giraldon-Bovinet Maps

Produced by Giraldon-Bovinet for F. M. Marchant de Beaumont, these four maps are incredibly valuable for the researcher of early graves in Père-Lachaise. 

Although the maps repeat most of the same monuments from one to another, nevertheless their listings are extensive and in fact grow year over year: the 1820 map begins with locating 700 monuments, the 1822 map identifies 900 graves, the 1824 added added another 300, and the 1828 version identified some 1,500 graves. 

The maps use a numbering system different from the present-day division scheme. (The 1824 and 1828 maps included here.)

See F. M. Marchant de Beaumont: Le Conducteur au Cimetière de l’Est, ou du Père La Chaise. . . Paris: Flassan, 1820; Vues Pittoresques, historiques et morales du P. La Chaise, Paris: l’Auteur, October 1821. Manuel et itinéraire du curieux dans le cimetière du Père La Chaise, . . .Paris: Emler Frères, 1828.

1820 map

1822 map

1824 map

1828 map

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