Monday, April 28, 2008

Montparnasse petit

OK so you've seen the biggest portion of Montparnasse, but there's still plenty of cool things to see in the small, or "petit" sid eof the cemetery, that portion on the other side of Rue emile Richard:

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The Fatalist said...

I found your site via google at the end of March and loved it! It was just before I was in Paris for a weekend. I love photographing cemeteries, & had a bit of a 'disaster'. I spent a long morning snapping the whole of Montparnasse, but i lost one of my full chips, so i had to go back on the Sunday, it was very demoralising, but it started raining, so thankfully I stopped. I say thankfully, because on my next visit to Paris I'll go back, but be in less of a 'completely pissed off with myself' frame of mind for losing it! As a result i've only currently got pictures from the tower end, top and bottom, to just the start of the bottom end past the middle path; and nothing else. so I will have over half still to cover again.

I also took snaps of Passy, I think it's called the beautiful small one above the road, where you can see the Eifel Tower.

Unfortunately I am not very good with computers, and have still to learn how to get photos from camera chip, or those saved on discs, onto a blog. but hopefully i will get time to find someone to show me how to do this before long! (Maybe a month or two)

A few years ago an ex-friend of mine helped me put my photos onto a blog, but she stopped doing this for me, suddenly, in 2006. Unfortunately when she did this was now quite a while ago, & i have forgotten my blogging password for that site, so when I do rcommence it will be with a new site!

But you can still view the old one at

It has plenty of snaps of Monmartre Cemetery in it; as well as the Catacombs; Napoleons tomb; & the Pantheon. (I think I have the names right!)

Keep up the good work, I love your site!