Thursday, October 04, 2007

Montmartre surprise

I was in Montmartre cemetery tracking down several people -- residents of course -- when I came across quite a pleasant surprise.

One of my objectives was to note the information on the two large, perhaps the largest, monuments in the cemetery. Both are side-by-side in division 29 and front onto avenue de Montmorency. The tall obelisk belongs to the Duc du Montmorency-Luxembourg; the other, a much larger and grandiose structure simply notes "Kollitsch" and then below it "Sepulture Marc Lejeune." The grill on the door to the Lejeune mausoleum was a bit high for me to look through so I used my camera to take several photos of the interior. The results were astounding, as you can see below.

It is quite rare these days to find an older masoleum interior in such good shape -- and the colors are still vibrant and quite striking.

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