Monday, January 11, 2016

Stock photo companies misidentify Pere-Lachaise

Recently I went online to look for some aerial views of Pere-Lachaise cemetery. What I quickly discovered is that there are plenty of stock photo companies selling photos of what they claim to be Pere-Lachaise but is in fact Montparnasse cemetery. Clearly the photographers, t  outing themselves as professionals by selling through a reputable stock photo company, did not have the professional sense to make sure the image they are selling is what it's supposed to be.

The companies where I found this incredibly sloppy error include: Shutterstock, Deviantart, Dreamstime and 123rf.

The funny thing is none of these companies have any process by which someone can question the validity of a photograph or even address potential copyright conflicts. This sloppy error may just be part of a sloppy corporate culture overall.

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